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How many of us wait for an outcome to determine something for us and about us? Once I get that promotion or raise, then I’ll be successful. Once I am in a relationship, then I’ll be worthy of love.

The Faust Syndrome and the End of the Time of Enlightened Masters – Morten Tolboll

A central part of Greco-Roman philosophy, which was rooted in shamanism, was the use of critical thinking (elenchos) to distinguish base magic (trance, which leaves everything to chance, and may lead its practitioners to consort with falsity and evil daemons), and higher magic or theurgy. The latter is a guarantor of truth and happiness, combined as it is with the source itself: the Good, the True and the Beautiful.
Besides the Hara and Heart meditation, it was critical thinking that rescued myself from madness. As a result I came to believe that Socrates represented an ancient path of wisdom, where philosophy in a similar way was used as a navigator through the Spiritual Twilight Zone…

A quite central thing is to be openminded to fallibility (unfortunately this is also abused in New Age, which accuses any doubters and critics of being closedminded). But to be openminded to fallibility is to be open for that both yourself and the guru could be wrong or even false. The concept of enlightenment is often characterized by a religious idea that an enlightened person contains almost the same qualities as God himself. Remember Shutan´s words about that even if you have opened your spiritual heart, and experienced a glimpse of enlightenment, you are still an imperfect human being. Any true enlightened person is characterized by humility, and will acknowledge own failures. Here you ought to be aware of thought distortions such as Selective thinking and Confirmation bias. Therefore: be aware of self-contradictions and hypocrisy in the person. These precisely arise due to a lack of acknowledging own imperfection.

The 55th Gene Key

Because of this tendency only to see the surface of things, the mass consciousness of humanity misses one of the deepest secrets of life — on an energetic level, you truly do always reap exactly as you sow. It simply takes longer for this to become apparent in the material dimension. The highest expression of the 59th Siddhi is the quality of Transparency and as Transparency testifies, in the end you cannot hide from yourself. Thus the key to the 55th Shadow and its transcendence depends upon one factor — your attitude. It is not about what happens to you. It is about how you handle it.

Neptune in Gate 36 – Reclaiming the Dark

We are in the dying days of a 5,000 year old culture that has colonized every continent and every tribe on earth. We can help it along by doing the difficult personal emotional recovery work. We can be active in decolonizing ourselves, in completing and healing our cycles of experience. This is a time for reclaiming our own stories, for shining out and reconnecting with both the light and healthy dark in others…

For me, this period through till 2027 is a time for us to break free of the chains that have bound us through our emotional body, Our tribal caring energy was co-opted to the greed of the oligarchs and theocrats who sat at the top of the patriarchal hierarchy, pretending to be god. Uranus is helping us find our way back, not to anarchy, but to an inclusive, caring and creative global community…

Availability Bias – Morten Tolboll

Scientific studies have shown that certain kinds of personality traits make one more susceptible to the availability bias. Scwartz et al. found that people who have great faith in intuition and people who are powerful (or made to feel powerful) tend to be affected more strongly by ease of retrieval than by the content they retrieve, if indeed they even bother with much content.

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