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Outsourcing worth – MindfulMFT

How many of us wait for an outcome to determine something for us and about us?

Once I get that promotion or raise, then I’ll be successful.

Once I am in a relationship, then I’ll be worthy of love.

Once I get that type of house or apartment, then I will have made it. Once THIS then [I am ____].

Might we begin to explore where we outsource our worth, deservingness, and good enough-ness? What would it mean if our worth, deservingness, and good enough-ness lives inside of us? What would it mean if it was in-sourced and not outsourced? What would it mean if we held a beautiful confidence for ourselves?

There is nothing wrong with having goals for ourselves — the promotion, a desire to be in partnership, a home that feels special and sacred to you. Go for it! But when those things become determiners of us, we walk into murky waters. What are you waiting for? Might you tune in and see if it already exists? #mindfulmft