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Radical shifts to human fractals – Kim Gould

Written by Kim Gould. Kim Gould
Remember the War of the World movie with Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning? Do you remember the bit where they were hiding in a basement and the alien was looking through the window and then came down the stairs and …. cue scary music … into the room.

No escape, right? They were doomed. No question. I was like, let’s just get this over as quickly and painlessly as possible.

But then, Tom saw a mirror and hauled it in front of them, so when the monster looked in their direction it only saw itself.  They were, inexplicably and against the odds, saved. Hurrah!
What’s your next positive step?
I was listening to a podcast interview with Stuart Diver this week. He was buried in an avalanche while sleeping in his ski lodge. It was a big deal here in Australia. We don’t have much snow and an avalanche is unheard of. The thing is Diver survived.

How? He said he just kept looking for the next small positive thing he could do to survive.

It made me think of Tom Cruise and that mirror. Just the next small positive thing. It worked for both of them.

Right now, the Channel of Sensitivity is active (Saturn in 19, Earth in 49). I talked last week about what’s emerging from that energy, something that’s felt unsafe till now.

The other important aspect of that channel, with the capacity for radical change, is this idea of noticing the invitations for the next small positive step turning up in your life. Will you hold onto your old ideas about what your life is about? Even amidst the potential breakdown of all our familiar systems?

Or will you pay attention, and take responsibility for following this pathway of emerging stepping stones?
Mastering complexity, uncertainty and entanglement
 We are heading into a period of stong transformations and deep changes in consciousness over the next few weeks. You could get sucked down into deep, dark waters. The thing is though, the part of you that’s afraid, this is just the part that wants certainty, wants someone else to show you the way.

It’s time for each of us to learn the navigate these dark places, these deep waters, by orienting ourselves to something essential inside of us, by our longing for warmth, light, companionship, nourishment.

This is the quantum realm of uncertainty and entanglement. Nothing is ever clear cut here. The false sense of safety we were given by patriarchy (daddy will take care of us) and capitalism (if I work hard, I will be safe and well) are collapsing, washing away our previous goals and aspirations.

There are delights in this deep place that we have been blind to, because our attention has literally been captured by the marketplace, feeding the economic machine.

This is a core wound of our culture. Atropos and Karma have a simple message – there are emotions we would rather die than experience. And those emotions are frozen inside us, requiring a deep dive into our own experience of what we might call long-term cultural abuse. A kind of global Stockholm Syndrome. – From The Hidden HD Keys of Coronavirus

This is not a complete change. We are building on what we’ve achieved so far, going back to our core (radical/radix/source or origin) and finding a new fractal to follow. Tuning into the north star of our emotional selves, the stories that we rely on to know who we are. The stories that no longer fit where we find ourselves today, that no longer describe who we are becoming.

The Earth is in the Gate of Radical Change (49) – how must the form of your life shift to express this new essence? And then on 15 August the Earth moves to the Gate of Pushing Upward (46) This is a vigorous active time, what is your next step? How can you be unobtrusive and flexible, feeling your way with the patient power of the earth?

We are creating new pathways for humanity, by finding new ways to connect our unique being with all aspects of life – each other, nature, society and the cosmos. What’s your unique role within this new fractal?


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